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Dawn is perceptive and relentless....



"Dawn Morgan is perceptive and relentless, but she is also very patient.  She is generous and passionate in all her efforts. She focuses on honesty, connection and the training scale. I highly recommend Dawn to anyone serious about riding/competing.  She will help you progress, and your horse will be happy!" ~ Valerie Hernandez

 "Dawn is the best kind of teacher - one who is continuously improving her own eye and riding by watching and training with other top level dressage instructors.  I have always admired how disciplined she is as a rider.  As a teacher she is clear, concise and inspires confidence in her students."  ~ Jodi Gear

"I hadn't taken a riding lesson in 20 years, and never a dressage lesson.  Dawn's style is so straight forward and clear.  She's able to explain things in different terms if I'm having a hard time understanding something, and is always excited to share things she's learned from other upper level trainers that she works with.  She's a "full-spectrum" trainer - she's helped me optimize my horse's nutrition, given me fantastic warm up plans before my events and is always rooting for me. For the past two years I have won our dressage club's "High Score of the Year" award, and I know that wouldn't have been possible without all of Dawn's hard work." ~ Rikki Smeltzer 

"I choose to have lessons with Dawn because, when I look at a room full of riders, Dawn stands out.  She is a beautiful rider with great presense and confidence.  Having a lesson with Dawn is a pleasant and inspiring experience.  She has such empathy for the horse and accurate corrections for the rider.  Since having lessons with Dawn I am much more aware of the timing of my aids.  She has an incredible eye for what is going on to block connection between horse and rider.  She is effective in breaking down information into a do-a-able level. ~ Robin Smith 

"I have observed Dawn's training methods for the past few years, and have taken note how effective and clear her instruction is.  She is always kind and mindful of the well being of the horse and rider.  She is also an excellent student herself and I have been very impressed with her ability to translate information she gets from top level instructors to her students.

         ~ Barbara Daugert  

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